Refirement Skills Bank

I have had a long term dream for our Nation. One where those with skills, work with those who need skills and in so doing create a nation of entrepreneurs to help build our economy.

The baby boomers, born after World War Two and now starting to retire and leave the formal workplace, worked in a world where many had one career in the same profession and built skills, experience and wisdom. The world is now a different place. There is no job security, many change jobs and even professions and so this lengthy process of skill development has taken on another direction.

Our country needs to build more skills and people in the workplace for survival. Surely there is a way that we can match the young and old together to transform our economy? The older generation is healthier and more active than previous generations heading for retirement and questioning their purpose for this next phase of life. In many cases it may just be to share a hobby with someone or mentor a younger professional. The scope is endless and all that is needed is a system and process to make connections. The rest will depend on the attitude and generosity of the participants.

The transfer of skills can also work in reverse. Technology is a skill that many older people are learning as it is not something we grew up with. In this case it is a case of reverse inter- generational learning.

Here are some examples that come to mind?

1. I love wood work and want to find a place where I can teach the skill to those that want to learn.
2. I would like to learn how to quilt or sew and looking for a skilled teacher.
3. I am designing a social solution and need the skills of a seasoned engineer to help me fast track part of the process.
4. I want to start a business, but have no business skills and need some guidance.
5. I am retiring, new to social media and need some help with how to set up my platforms.
6. I am young, care about the elderly and keen to find a career where I can add value to this section of community.
7. I am a teacher, now retired and want to teach my favorite subject via Skype

I would be keen to know how you feel about this dream? Are you keen to engage and help create this transformation in your community? It starts with an individual being sure about what they are skilled at and wanting to engage. When we step out, being sure about who we are and what we want to achieve, the path and journey becomes much easier.

There are two currencies that begin with the letter “M” – money and meaning. Both are needed to build a life that matters. Many may need to earn while working, others may just want to volunteer and help. There is no right or wrong answer. Again this depends on your own personal situation and attitude.

Over the next year I hope to build an online platform to enable this process. The system will help, but only if there are individuals willing to participate and serve. Are you ready?