Refirement Career Options – Fund Raiser

“A fundraiser can be an individual or company whose primary job is to raise money for a specific charity or non-profit organization. Fundraisers often benefit charitable, non-profit, religious, or non-governmental organizations, though there are also fundraisers that benefit for-profit companies and individuals.”

This is the definition from Wikipedia. It is also the request I get most often from a skill/job request when a company or person connects with me at Refirement Network. I very seldom get a response or can fulfill the request and this started me thinking.

What skills do you need to be a fundraiser

Here are some on my list:

  • Be passionate about the cause
  • Be computer literate
  • Have time
  • Be prepared to scan different Foundations to verify what they support.
  • Fill in the forms required.
  • Have strong communication skills.

If this is the case, I am convinced there are many out there that have these skills but have never done fundraising. Does that mean you can’t take up a new part time career in this field? Why not? Part of the challenge is that we need to think differently and in many cases our REFIREMENT or ENCORE career may have nothing to do with what we did before. You may need to go on a one day course, brush up on a skill or two but it may open some wonderful opportunities.

I have had conversation with a number of CEO’s of big Foundations that have told me the greatest challenge is that they very seldom say no to give the money when all the forms have been filled in correctly and the projects asking for money are in line with the Foundation’s strategy.

What a wonderful opportunity to work, earn money and give back to society.
So how many potential fundraisers do I now have please???