Planning the next phase of life

Will it be a sunrise or a sunset?

Life seems to happen faster and faster and before we know it we are starting to think and be asked questions about retirement? If you are like me, it comes as a bit of a shock. Retirement- that is for OLD people, I am nowhere near that stage of life. Then we are jolted about the fact that maybe this phase called retirement is only a few years ahead of us.

Many things then start to happen that can bring fear and a sense of crisis:

  • I can’t retire, I do not have enough money
  • I do not want to leave my job, I love what I do
  • I hate my job, but need to find something else to do when the company policy and procedure kicks in.
  • My company says I need to leave, due to policy. They are not negotiable on me staying.
  • The corporate world has changed and is stressful; I wish I could leave earlier.
  • The company is retrenching and I may need to leave earlier than planned.

The world as we know it has also changed while we have been burrowing away at life. Technology, health and longevity are terms many are talking about. We are the first generation who may be lucky to have an extra season of life. This season is a number of years free of responsibilities and not yet suffering with the ailments of old age. This could be anywhere between 5 and 30 years depending on your circumstances. You should not be considering retirement like your parents and grandparents. The world has changed. You have the chance at a new sunrise for this season.

As we enter our 6th or 7th decade, it is always interesting to reflect on life and the future. Each of us is unique. Our skills, education and experiences give each of us an opportunity to take some time to reflect and then do some planning for the future. The world of work as we know it has also changed significantly. This affects us both positively and negatively depending on our experiences. To plan a sunrise rather than a sunset it is advisable to take some time to discover your own unique profile as well as what opportunities exist for you in the future.

Here are some tips to help you start this process:

  • Make time to reflect and have conversations about your future
  • Make sure your attitude is not getting in the way.
  • Discover what choices you may have
  • How can technology help you in this next season
  • Open your mind to new opportunities
  • List your skills, experiences, talents and hobbies.
  • Start volunteering in an area you are passionate about
  • Learn how to network
  • Think out of the box

Your new sunrise needs to look different to your seasons of the past. Work can still be part of the picture. It just may not be every day. You may not earn as much, but money is not the only currency, meaning also can play a major role in your life now. Your future can look like a magnificent sunrise.

Take the time to discover your uniqueness and walk into this new season with courage and a sense of adventure.

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