One million years of change for our Nation South Africa

There is a generation that has been in the world of work for more than 35 years and heading towards the next phase of life over the next few years. The world in which work started for this generation has changed exponentially and many are counting the days till they can leave. The challenge for this group is not how many games of golf they can play every week but a mixture of what will they do with their time that brings meaning and will they have enough money to sustain them for the time they have left on this planet.

South Africa has gone through political transformation over the past 19 years. True transformation will take many years. South Africa has many social challenges that need to be addressed. The workplace is now been run by a younger generation and yet many are still struggling to find work or develop skills to help them find work.

Refirement Network has a vision to influence five percent of this older generation to think about using their skills and talents in a second career. Unilever did research in 2008 that shows that there are about two million people with skills in this age group. Five percent of two million is one hundred thousand people. If each of this five percent worked on a second career for a period of ten years we would be adding ONE MILLION years of wisdom and skill to help bring change for South Africa.

The National Development Plan 2030 calls us all to step up and help bring change in our Nation. The kind of work you may choose for this season may be completely different from what you did in your first career. You may even decide to go back and study. You may still need to earn a salary or it may be more about the currency of meaning and making a difference. The main challenge is to stop and ask the question: Is this all there is? What Now? You then need to go on a journey to help fine tune your own next career. Take your skills, passions and talents into account and spend time defining the picture. It is always good to do this five to ten years before your “retirement “date.

Imagine our country where all children have access to education, the health system is working, our youth get up with a sense of purpose every day and we all feel safe. That is the vision for 2030. We can all be part of that solution. It is the only way to look to the future with hope. The time is now. Will you start to take responsibility for who and what you may do with your next season of life?