Life is not a Dress Rehearsal

I move around a lot and chat to many about their lives and plans for the future. I am amazed at some of the answers I get. Many are enthusiastic and energetic, others are already depressed and de-motivated and some seem to be living for today and do not want to discuss any plans for the future.

I understand that life is complex and that situations can change in an instant. However I also believe that many wait for life to happen rather than being an active player in planning their future.

There is a real mixture of baby boomers with different sets of circumstances.

Here are a few that I have encountered.

  • Counting the days till formal retirement after 30 to 40 years with one employee.
  • Stressed out from the pressures of corporate life and leaving before they should.
  • Retrenched and empty view of the future, blaming the current political situation.
  • Retrenched and now an entrepreneur- asking oneself the question – Why did I not do this sooner?
  • The husband can’t wait to retire and the wife wants to build a career.
  • The wife finds herself alone, needs to work and the husband has gone off with a younger wife.
  • The husband with second and third wives finds themselves having to work to sustain the young children.
  • Caught in the trap of poor investments and needing to work forever.
  • Retired and bored with no reason to see a great future.

I have sketched some extreme examples but all of them are real and we all know people like this. Communication, self awareness and planning are just three of the skills that can help you to change your picture. Time and energy is necessary to work on your life plan and to ensure that you land up as close to the picture you would like for your future.

In the work that I do on the 15 Success Factors for Retirement, one is able to get a Big Picture view of your own life and with time on your side you stand a better chance to reach the right destination. Please feel free to contact me if you need more details.

Enjoy this one life that you have been blessed with. There is no second chance. Life is precious. Make the most of every day and each person in your life. It is worth the time and effort to design the life you were meant to have.