Finding Light Bulbs

By Craig Hyman
Founder of

The idea of becoming an entrepreneur after 50 is daunting. For many, our concern may lean towards consolidating a nest egg and or exploring wealth creation opportunities that are less taxing and strenuous than taking the road less travelled.

That said, ideas that cultivate from seedlings have the potential to translate into tangible business opportunities. Experience, travel, networking and sheer brilliance are enablers on this path.
Having embarked on the journey to become an entrepreneur myself, I’m convinced that ideas which are shared, debated and mulled over among like-minded people in a conducive environment have a real chance for germination.

Ideas are around us all the time. Thousands of light bulb moments have led to the creation of robust and sustainable businesses around the world. Entrepreneurial models elsewhere in the world have over time taken root thanks to the open mindedness of communities to embrace creative ways that fast-track employment and job satisfaction beyond the traditional cog-on-the-wheel approach.

My proposition is to find “unknown entrepreneurs” in our midst and encourage each other in activating opportunities from concept to pilot or even launch without the crippling fear of ideas being stolen and propagated.
Think about it, an idea cannot be stolen. The originator has an inherent image of his or her idea that cannot be copied. Here I am referring to the idea, not collateral such as blueprints and designs, etc.

This steadfast realisation led me to last year go with my gut and launch, a start-up online communication portal that allows people with business ideas, who have yet to act on them, to assimilate their thoughts and communicate them via modern technology mediums such as video clips to others via portal, which is fully operational.

This process allows the unknown entrepreneur to share ideas, welcome collaboration and choose potential partners in a concerted bid to fulfill a business vision in a safe, unhindered environment. This type of dialogue, I believe, can help shape the start of something new for a budding enterprise. Information sharing; and the resultant sharing of knowledge, wisdom and professional networks offers thinkers a chance to test waters from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Ideas deserve a better chance. So do unheard entrepreneurs. How about it?