Fifty – Fabulous and finding your rhythm.

Women at around 50 are in an exciting stage of life. Many have completed the parenting years, some have started new and exciting careers and many find themselves single and having to re-design and dream up a new future. Are women in this life stage lonely and purposeless or finding new independence and loving their lives? There is no doubt that both groups exist. The challenge is to meet with others, find the positive and possible opportunities, do the work and start enjoying this phase of life.

1. If you are single, you are perceived to be desperate to find a partner.

As much as many of us would like to date or have male friends, it is not as high up the agenda as the media and dating sites would like us to believe. Many of us love the fact that we can make decisions and enjoy our independence.

2. This is a lonely time of life.

Living alone can be lonely. Even being married in this stage can be lonely. Many enjoy some solitude in this stage. We are comfortable with who we are. There are friends and people to network with who are in similar situations. We may be lonely sometimes, but there are many opportunities to connect and make friends.

3. Finances are a challenge and we do not know much about how to invest.

Women, more than men are more likely to ask for advice around money. Women who are divorced are challenged in having to start over and make ends meet. It is important for all women to take charge of their financial situation, understand what money attitudes are holding them back and start to build a personal nest egg for the future.

4. Debt is killing the savings.

Learning to manage money and not spending because we feel we deserve it. We need to minimize short term debt so that we can start to enjoy this season. This will enable us to see a better picture of the horizon and the money needed to make this a reality.

5. Retirement is for slowing down and no longer working.

Women of 50+ in the 21st century have a good 20-25 years ahead of healthy living and there is no reason not to start a second career, travel or re-invent you. Finding out what you enjoy and designing a portfolio life for yourself is an exciting part of your “retirement” years.

6. We no longer care about our appearance.

We feel and look younger than previous generations reaching this age. There are facts to help us with healthy living that will equip us to continue looking and feeling better about ourselves. “Eat less and move more” is a motto we should all be practicing.

7. Where is the family?

We live in a global world and our family is spread all over the place. We need to learn to connect in new ways, using technology and at the same time build strong networks of family and friends that live close by. Often it is our friends that become the closest family for many in this stage of life.

8. How can I find purpose for my life now that the children are gone?

Parenting is an important season of life, but not our entire life. Discovering who you are, what skills and gifts you have and making a difference in the lives of others will help you to navigate your new journey. Learn a craft or new skill, join a class, start to study and discover many new and exciting opportunities.

Celebrate who you are. Make friends. Believe you are special. Make a difference. Manage your finances. Live life.

Written by Lynda Smith from Refirement Network.