A change of name but not direction

In the normal practice of business, change is one of the constants that one can always predict will occur. You will notice that this newsletter brings such a change. TomorrowWisdom is changing its name to Refirement Network. The name is almost the only change you will see. The people involved and the offering will stay the same.

Here are some opportunities where I believe we can add value:

Sales Conferences
Strategic Sessions for Companies
Wisdom Audit for your Organisation
Wisdom Continuity Process – Critical where your skills are leaving and retiring at a faster rate than you can train and recruit potential talent.
Wellness Events for your older employees
Strategic Marketing
Executive Coaching
Research and Development about this market
Retirement Coaching and Profile Tool to understand where you as an individual are on the road to a successful future.

Please feel free to connect with Lynda Smith if you have any queries or questions.
We would love to come and meet with you to discuss any specific challenges and opportunities you may be experiencing.
Lynda can be contacted on 082 490 2822 or lynda@refirementnetwork.com